Does your marketing have impact?

As a digital marketer getting more conversions and reaching a better ROI with your marketing budget is probably one of your main objectives. At least it should be. Most of you are already are on top of the newest possibilities and digital marketing tactics. However, getting more conversions is not only about tactics. The question is: do your marketing efforts have impact?

Today as a marketer it is much more important being able to understand the strategic and psychological context, rather than only practical tactics. Don’t get us wrong - marketing tactics do have value in order to reach conversions and ROI. But it's the ability to use these tactics in a much broader way that pushes you to the next level. Therefore, Conversion Day 2017 will be different than previous editions:

A brand new concept

  1. we will be focussing on  a linear track on the mainstage. Whereas before we would have multiple sidetracks and a broad range of topics, this year we are focusing on 6 internationally renowned speakers. We have carefully selected them based on their insightful knowledge, level of experience and their stage presence and ability to deliver a story.
  2. Next to the linear track we’ll have 18 ‘meet the expert sessions’ where you can ask your most-demanding question directly to an experienced expert.
  3. CMO’s and decision makers are invited to join the CMO lunch. This is a great opportunity to meet and interact with the speakers and talk with like minded marketing decision makers and discuss mutual challenges.

Unique location

As cars were amongst the first consumer products that were hugely marketed. There is no better venue than AutoWorld to rethink the way we do marketing and shed light upon the next direction of modern marketing. This unique location in Brussel is a mix of a vintage car museum and an exceptional event venue.

In the coming weeks and months we will unveil the official program, the 6 international speakers and the 18 experts you will be able to meet. If you wish to receive these updates in your mailbox directly, you can register here for our newsletter.

Meanwhile we do offer a 30% discount for the super early birds.

“Marketers need to rethink the way they treat customers online"

"Nathalie Nahai needs little introduction for many marketers. Her bestselling book ‘Webs of Influence’ was released five years ago, and with the 2nd edition published earlier this year, it is still one of the most relevant guides exploring how to offer customers a better online experience. The core message: the better you understand your customers, the better the experience you can offer them. The result: happy returning customers and more conversions. "The plan was to give my first book a small updates, but I ended up rewriting the whole thing,” Nahai smiles during an interview with Bloovi. During the interview we dive into the future of persuasive design, and the effects that overeager use of data can have on online conversions. "Yes, marketers can offer amazing experiences by using customer data. However, it’s important to not overdo it,” warns Nahai. “Moreover, I think it’s time to reconsider the way we think persuasive marketing as a whole.”

The Psychology Of Online Persuasion

All marketers hope to pull potential customers into their marketing funnel and convert them to paying customers. Do you know the psychological principles that successful businesses are using in order to be more convincing towards their customers?

Last 5 Days of Super Early Bird discount Conversion Day 2017

Next Friday (the 13th) the Super Early Bird rate of Conversion Day 2017 ends. Until then you benefit from a €100 discount on your ticket for the number one conference for digital marketers. That means you pay €250 instead of €350. The ticket sale is going at high pace, so what are you waiting for?

People from these companies are already attending Conversion Day

This week we have sold the 325th Conversion Day ticket. Which means we’ve nearly sold 50% of the available tickets with still 2 months to go before the event kicks off. We wanted to let you know that today we’ve published the attendees page which is listing all attendees by name, company and profile picture. Want to know with whom you can have a conversation with on Conversion Day? Now you can. See you on the 28 of  November!