Meet likeminded marketing decision makers at the CMO Lunch

Are you a CMO or marketing decision maker? Then join the CMO lunch at Conversion Day 2017.

What is it?
Why do we organize this?

Marketing decision makers and CMO's are facing big challenges.

Developing a digital marketing team, attracting the right skills, experience and have a rock solid team where everything is in line with the strategy are some of these challenges.

At the same time you need to keep yourself up to date with all the new trends and future evolutions about digital marketing.

At Conversion Day 2017 CMO's and marketing decision makers get the opportunity to connect and interact with likeminded marketing professionals.

Listen to our two speakers who will cover these two talks while having a nice lunch and surrounded by likeminded CMO colleagues, the Conversion Day speakers and many other marketing experts we have invited.

Talk 1
Future Trends in Digital Marketing
* by Roel Naessens, Industry Leader & Senior Manager at Google

Talk 2
TOP 4 Challenges in creating a Top Digital Marketing Team that Performs
By André Morys, CEO Web Arts, Germany’s leading conversion optimization agency

As an organizer we’ll create an informal ethos were there’s room for many questions.
Learn from the best and go home with new insights.

These CMO's are already joining:

Who can join?

CMO's and marketing decision makers.
After approval.
* Maximum 50 CMO's are allowed.

Interested to join?

Practical info

- 150€ for the CMO lunch only
- Or included when you have a full day ticket

The CMO lunch is part of the full day program at Conversion Day. 

- Date: 28 november 2017, Autoworld Brussels
- 12.00h: Start CMO Lunch (welcome & drink)
- 12.30h - 14.00h: Talks, Lunch & Networking

These are joining the CMO Lunch

Telenet Business
SAS Belgium
Mundo Digitalis
Vivaldis Interim
SAS Belgium
Intel Corporation
Dallas Antwerp
TVH Group NV
Bostoen Group
Brussel Airport Company
Vandersanden Group
Colruyt Group