What are your marketing challenges? 

As a digital marketer getting more conversions and reaching a better ROI with your marketing budget is probably one of your main objectives.

Most of you are already on top of the newest possibilities and digital marketing tactics. However, getting more conversions is not only about tactics, dividing your budget and choosing the right channels!

The key question is: “do your marketing efforts have the right impact?”

Today as a marketer it is much more important being able to understand the strategical and overall context, rather than only practical tactics.

Don’t get us wrong - marketing tactics do have value in order to reach conversions and ROI.

But it's the ability to use these tactics in a much broader way that pushes you as a digital marketeer
to the next level.

Therefore, Conversion Day 2017 will be different than previous editions:

A brand new concept

Ever since the first edition in 2014, our vision was to create a better understanding about conversion marketing and bring practical know-how you can immediately implement and boost your conversion marketing with once you get back at the office.

Today, that vision hasn’t changed. We want digital marketers to learn the insights that give them the ability to create more impact with the same budget and same amount of effort. In order to get more sales, more turnover, more conversions and eventually a higher ROI.

Because of that we created a program that gives an answer to this 1 key question: “does your marketing have impact?”

Next to that we got a brand new concept and we are organizing an event that differentiates itself from other marketing events in Belgium.

Always striving to bring more value than other events is a vision that payed off. Conversion Day is now the biggest performance marketing event in Belgium with over 750 digital marketers attending.

Have a close look to the 3 components of Conversion Day 2017.

The Conversion Day 2017 concept

We want digital marketers to understand the whole picture of online marketing and how to
get the best results. At Conversion Day you’ll lift your knowledge to the next level
to become an even better marketer than you are today.

8 World Class Top Speakers

We have carefully selected our speakers. Their talk will cover every aspect in the conversion process. Theme's that will be covered are:

  1. Growth canvas: a strategic approach
  2. Online Persuasion
  3. Webcopy for more conversions
  4. Tools for conversions
  5. Growth hacking to boost conversions
  6. Conversion Optimization: fix a weak site
  7. Paid attention & innovative advertising
  8. Surprise

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Meet the Expert

Private sessions with senior digital marketing experts sharing their knowledge, experience en new insights.

Book a meeting and ask all your personal questions. Go home with the answers you need the most.

Registration required.
Max. 10 attendees per table.

Meetings are included in your ticket.

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CMO Lunch

Marketing decision makers and CMO's are facing big challenges.

At Conversion Day 2017 CMO's and marketing decision makers get the opportunity to connect en interact with congenial professionals.

Two topics will be covered:

  1. Future Trends in Digital Marketing
  2. How to Create a Top Digital Marketing Team that Performs

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A unique location

There is no better venue than AutoWorld Brussels to rethink the way we do marketing and shed light upon the next direction of conversion marketing.

This unique location is a mix of a vintage car museum and an exceptional event venue.

Cinquantenaire Park (Jubelpark) 11,
1000 Brussels
“ The one day to optimize your conversions knowledge ”
“ Interesting and inspiring day, providing me with real tools, tips and tricks to actively optimize our conversion rates ”
“ I'm really impressed by the content that was shared at Conversion Day 2016, the organisation and the impressive crowd! ”

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