Why your web copy is pushing your clients to the competition

Amy Harrison has been in the field for more than a decade. Her mission? To banish all boring copy from this world. For that she doesn't use common techniques. Because of her background in television and movies, she knows how to surprise with words. Yet anyone can write good and converting copy. "Companies  don't realise that their unique story stares them right in the eye. That is why they all sound the same."   At  Conversion Day  Amy is revealing common mistakes in marketing copy and how you can get rid of them . These two we  can already share with you:

Not knowing what makes you unique

“A lot of companies don't know what makes them unique and what would make clients buy from them. Although it is easy and most of the time the answer stares them right in the eye. But they are that close they cannot see it", Amy explains animated. "Because of that their marketing is far from what their clients like. And ofcourse your copy won't sell anything then." The solution is clear says Amy: you have to start with a fresh point of view. "Start asking questions. Be as an detective on a queeste for the right answer. Discover the unique story behind your business and come up with an interesting storyline, something your competitor doens't bring to the table.


Another sore spot that Amy sees a lot is non-committal copy. " A lot of marketers are afraid that their texts are too 'pushy'", However most of it is 'too nice'. "They don't demonstrate their strong points enough. That is why clients go and buy products from a competitor who does showcase the benefits." "If your product is truly good, you should prove it to your clients and show them that is so. That way you don't end up with meaningless copy just stating somethings is good, in stead of attractive copy underlining it."

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“Marketers need to rethink the way they treat customers online"

"Nathalie Nahai needs little introduction for many marketers. Her bestselling book ‘Webs of Influence’ was released five years ago, and with the 2nd edition published earlier this year, it is still one of the most relevant guides exploring how to offer customers a better online experience. The core message: the better you understand your customers, the better the experience you can offer them.

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