Why more website visitors do not automatically result into more conversions

When conversions are lagging behind, many marketers think that bringing more visitors to their site is the solution. Sometimes, it could be (short term). But, most of the times it’s not a solution at all. In fact, you are making it worse.

Why? We all know that treating symptoms is not the way to get cured from a disease. This is also true in marketing. It is useless to bring more visitors to a website that is not 100% conversion proof. You will lose too much time, effort and money if your focus is only to bring more visitors to your site. That’s why you should focus on what really matters: understanding why your customer is not converting, understanding this and making an action plan to convert visitors into buyers.

Understanding your customers & creating a perfect action plan is the big challenge for any marketer. “It’s a question of priorities really,” says conversion-expert Karl Gillis. “Many websites have a really bad conversion rate because they seem to focus on design rather than what the client really wants. And that’s a big problem”.

“If you analyze the websites of ‘conversion kings’ such as Amazon, Airbnb & Coolblue, none of them are supersexy. In fact, they have nice design elements, but are best described as mostly functional,” says Gillis. Amazon has a conversion rate of 73%. A dream for every marketer. Or could it become reality? We think it could.

That’s why we have invited another world class speaker at Conversion Day 2017 to help you achieve these results. He is considered amongst the top 20 speakers worldwide - regarding CRO - and has more than 15 years of experience in this area. In a previous edition of Conversion Day he was named as the number 1 speaker. Discover more about Karl Gilis.

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Marnik is a passionate entrepreneur active in the digital sector. He focuses on his own business ideas in which he strongly believes and builds them to a company with a future. He regularly speaks on the challenges of entrepreneurship. Marnik is founder of Bloovi, Bloovi Me.

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