Innovative Advertising for a Digital World

The internet is a gigantic live market where everyone is constantly screaming for attention. And attention is something which we could easily buy not so long ago, but is very hard to achieve these days. Advertisers are paying more and more money to media to reach fewer and fewer people.

Attention overload

Because of the enormous load of content that is being produced and consumed companies need to rethink the way they can earn the attention of the consumer. Content scarcity has given way to overload, fixed channels have dissolved into fluid networks, and audiences have become participants in consumer-driven conversations.

The question is, how do brands respond?

Brands need to find a compelling way to earn the attention of the consumer. This shift requires a new course of action for brands. It demands new marketing imperatives; a strategic creation process. The core is now how to package ideas to attract the most attention in the advertising industry.

“When everyone is paying at the same time for the same attention, how can you earn the attention you need?”


Beyond Paid Attention

No better way to tackle this topic at Conversion Day than by inviting author and innovation expert Faris Yakob. His book ‘Paid Attention’ provides a robust model for influencing human behaviour. Referencing a wide body of theory and praxis, from behavioural economics and sociology to technology and even science fiction. Advertising maps onto a wider analysis of culture.

Faris is also the co-founder of Genius Steals, an itinerant consultancy working with brands like Coca-Cola, Marriott, Gibson Guitars, Nestle in places like Turkey, Dubai, NYC, LA, Australia. They help companies think about how to use creativity to solve business problems. Previously Faris was Chief Innovation Officer of MDC, and Chief Digital Officer of McCann Erickson NYC.

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The slides from the Conversion Day speakers

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Why your web copy is pushing your clients to the competition

Amy Harrison has been on the field for more than a decade. Her mission? To banish all boring copy from this world. Therefore she doesn't use common techniques, because with her background in television and movies, she knows how to surprise with words. Yet anyone can write good and converting copy. 

“Marketers need to rethink the way they treat customers online"

"Nathalie Nahai needs little introduction for many marketers. Her bestselling book ‘Webs of Influence’ was released five years ago, and with the 2nd edition published earlier this year, it is still one of the most relevant guides exploring how to offer customers a better online experience. The core message: the better you understand your customers, the better the experience you can offer them.

The Psychology Of Online Persuasion

All marketers hope to pull potential customers into their marketing funnel and convert them to paying customers. Do you know the psychological principles that successful businesses are using in order to be more convincing towards their customers?

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