3 questions and answers about Conversion Day 2017

Ticket sale is going strong. Already 36% of the tickets are sold. These last few weeks we've received many questions about this year's edition of Conversion Day. Great, because we are happy with so much interest in our event. But at Bloovi we like clarity, that is why we've decided to dedicate a post to give answer to the 3 most important questions: 

1. Why less speakers in your new concept? 

In this survey we noticed that nowadays marketers are looking for ways to built a foolproof strategy based on customer behavior and context, rather than extra tactics and tools. That is why we've created a strong program that will lift you as a marketer. 

A strong program demands high level talks and speakers. Therefore we've chosen 8 international marketing all stars. They will give you their valuable insights about 8 topics, in which they excel: 

  1. Strategy
  2. Web psychology
  3. CRO (conversion rate optimization)
  4. Growth hacking
  5. Web copy
  6. Advertising
  7. Tools
  8. Paid attention
2. What are your rates and discount periods?

We have 4 periods: 

  • 2-for-1 offer: this period already expired
  • Super early bird €250 (= 100€ discount). Ends on 13th of October. Last chance on this Friday the 13th.
  • Early bird €300 (= 50€ discount) : 14th of October until the 17th of November 2017
  • Standard rate €350: 18th until the 28th of November 2017

In other words you can still book your ticket now at the Super Early Bird rate.

3. Why do you organise a CMO lunch and what does it mean?

CMO's and other marketing decision makers are facing big challenges. Therefore they are in need of an informal meetup with likeminded professionals, to discuss common issues and learn from one another. That is why we've decided to host a CMO lunch supported by two marketing experts.

The CMO lunch is a separate part of the event and will take place in the Classic Lounge at AutoWorld. It will be an exclusive, inner circle event for not more than 50 CMO's. will leave you with hands on information to built your marketing team and face future challenges. More about the CMO lunch on this page

More questions? Have a look at the FAQ pagina.

The slides from the Conversion Day speakers

Here are the slides from all Conversion Day 2017 speakers:

Take a look at the pictures from Conversion Day 2017

750 marketeers, 8 world class speakers, 18 expert sessions and 17 partner booths, what a wonderful edition of Conversion Day. Curious to see the pictures taken at AutoWorld? Go and take a look:

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