The Conversion Day 2016 Aftermovie

Experience Conversion Day. A 2 min video of an amazing day.

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Behavioral marketing will have a huge impact on your conversion strategy

Today, there are an endless number of ways for marketers to drive new and qualified traffic to their businesses for continued returns on their ad spend. In fact, according to eMarketer by 2017, digital media ad spend in the US is projected to surpass television for the first time in history and by 2020 is expected to represent nearly 50% of total US media spend.

Does your marketing have impact?

As a digital marketer getting more conversions and reaching a better ROI with your marketing budget is probably one of your main objectives. At least it should be. Most of you are already are on top of the newest possibilities and digital marketing tactics. However, getting more conversions is not only about tactics. The question is: do your marketing efforts have impact?