Conversion Day + Digital Marketing Awards = Bloovi’s Marketing Week!

We are still enjoying the aftermath of the successful WebTomorrow event, but of course we are already working on future events. And while we’re at it, we think it’s time to tell you we decided to move the date of the Conversion Day event to November 15th. Yes, you read that right: this event will be held in the same week as the Digital Marketing Awards event, which takes place on November 17th.


Performance marketing covers a wide range of marketing concepts

Please let us tell you why we made this decision. As performance marketing covers a wide range of marketing concepts and activities, we firmly believe Conversion Day and the Digital Marketing Awards should be linked to one another. As a result, the Conversion Day event will be held in the same week as the DMA’s. May we introduce you to our brand new concept: Bloovi’s Marketing Week!


Conversion Day 2016

Tickets are going very fast, even though we’re still developing the program for the event. Sneak preview: international speaker Daniel Newman will be holding a keynote presentation! Other big names will be announced soon.

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Conversion Day - 15 November


Digital Marketing Awards 2016

Bloovi and Feweb are doing everything in their power to surpass last year’s first edition! Just like Conversion Day, the Digital Marketing Awards will take place at the Event Brewery in Brussels. You will hear all about it really soon! Are you curious about what this event looks like? Click here and get an impression of last edition!

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Digital Marketing Awards - 17 November 2016